Homecoming 2009 - Wild with Pride

Packed full of friends and fun, October’s Homecoming had the university and surrounding community gathering in fierce Mean Green style. The Golden Eagles brought 1959 to life while Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta celebrated new homes on Sorority Row. Alumni groups — from the Green Jackets to the Geezles, jazz alums and the Aces of Collegeland — congregated and enjoyed music, dancing and reminiscing. This year’s theme — Wild With Pride — had crowds roaring at the bonfire, yell contest, parade, tailgating and game.

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My years at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science were the two best years of my life. Really enjoyed.

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Comment #1 posted by Anjana (not verified) 8 years 14 weeks ago.

I agree with anonymous. The fall 2009 Homecoming will always remind me of inequality, ignorance, and shame. Not just for the LGBT community and its allies, but for all of UNT.

I hope that 2010 will be different. I hope that I will be proud of my school again.

Comment #2 posted by April Murphy (not verified) 8 years 21 weeks ago.

My husband and I (both alums) enjoyed homecoming as much as parents of UNT students as we did when we were students. I loved tailgating this year with the Parent Association. There was so much excitement in the parking lot of Fouts Field before the game. Mean Green pride is stronger than ever!

Comment #3 posted by Dixie (not verified) 8 years 21 weeks ago.

My boyfriend drove 7 hours to attend homecoming with me. It was so great that he told me he might be transferring up here! Homecoming definitely is one of the greater traditions!

Comment #4 posted by Kayla (not verified) 8 years 22 weeks ago.

I wasn't attending UNT yet, but the live bands and greek acts were fun to watch and not to mention the free food. It's good it's not as late in the year this time around so I won't be freezing!

Comment #5 posted by Anonymous (not verified) 8 years 22 weeks ago.

What a bad reputation homecoming now has amongst the hundreds of LGBT students and allies at UNT. We have a different kind of pride.

Comment #6 posted by Anonymous (not verified) 8 years 22 weeks ago.

My two years at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science were the two best years of my life.

Comment #7 posted by Anonymous (not verified) 8 years 22 weeks ago.


Some of my best memories of UNT were Intramurals! The people I met, including my best friend now, and the times we had were great. The games that were late at night when it was sooo cold we couldn't help but all stand close together on the side lines of the Flag Football games. And the last second wins and loses in playoffs. They are great memories that I will hold for a lifetime because it brought me closer to my friends and my university!

Comment #8 posted by Courtney Hughes (not verified) 8 years 23 weeks ago.

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