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feature stories

History of integration
North Texas looks back at 50 years of change and accomplishment.
By Nita Thurman

Opening doors
African American undergraduates arrive, with Joe Atkins' help.
By Nancy Kolsti

Transforming history
One simple action can change the world.
By President Norval Pohl

Making college home
The southeast Denton community welcomes students, past and present.
By Rufus Coleman

Greek life
Two groups lead the way for black Greek letter organizations.
By Rufus Coleman

A team united
The integrated freshman football squad tackles adversity — and wins.
By Rufus Coleman

Pride and tradition
Families make North Texas a university for the generations.
By Cathy Cashio

Remembering the early days
Alums comment on North Texas life in the infancy of integration.
By 10 former students





Joe Atkins
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