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The Freshman Experience Extra  - by Nancy Kolsti
Fall 2002      

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photo of Rebecca JohnsonREBECCA JOHNSON

Business major from Azle High School

Favorite memory from freshman year: Playing a daily scavenger hunt game trying to find an “R” parking spot.

Lowest point of freshman year: The first dead week and finals. I knew basically what to expect, but it was extremely nerve wracking.

Most surprising thing about freshman year: How many new friends I made so quickly.

Hardest thing about living in the residence hall: During finals, not everyone had the same definition of studying or using the assigned quiet hours as my roommate and I did.

Best thing about having a roommate: Hmm ... so many things to choose from — midnight laughing fits, new inside jokes, a true best friend, an automatic sister to an only child.

Missed most about home: It’s between having a “suggested curfew” or waking up on the weekends and smelling the biscuits and gravy my mother cooked for me.

Favorite professor: Dr. [Ron] Marcello for his drive to entertain us (the class) rather than bore us to death. He made the second part of American History so interesting.

Favorite class: Human Sexuality.

Best advice about getting through freshman year and from whom: I had so many people supporting me and advising me, but my mentor from high school, Jack Walsh, and my mom and dad always told me they know I can do anything I put my mind to, and I did.

Most important lesson learned freshman year: I can’t study the way I was always taught in high school. I had to actually read ahead and devote more hours to one class.

Favorite spot on campus: The football stadium — I’m a huge college football girl.

Least favorite spot on campus: Probably walking through areas that are covered with trees, which in turn are packed with birds that get their target practice in.

Favorite thing to do on campus: Go support the Mean Green football team.

Favorite band: I don’t really have one, but it ranges from Sinatra to ... let’s just say some kind of rap.

Favorite book: The Bachelor by Carly Phillips.

Favorite meal in the cafeteria: Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy. What can I say? I’m a true Southern girl — I love my fried food.

Favorite way to take a break from studying: At 1 a.m., Ashlee (my roommate) and I would go to Wally World and throw balls back and forth and ride around on carts.

Look forward to most for sophomore year: Not being a freshman and using all of my gathered “knowledge” from this past year in my studies and my social life.

Fall 2001 courses (15 hours):
College Writing I
College Algebra
U.S. History to 1865
Interpersonal Communication
Psychology of Learning and Success

Spring 2002 courses (15 hours):
College Writing II
Biological Principles of Women’s Health
U.S. History Since 1865
Family Life and Human Sexuality
Contemporary Social Problems

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