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The Freshman Experience Extra  - by Nancy Kolsti
Fall 2002      

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photo of Karina MontoyaKARINA MONTOYA

Interdisciplinary studies major from Oak Ridge High School in Spring

UNT ties: My sister, Kathy Montoya, is a senior photography major at UNT.

Favorite memory from freshman year: I enjoyed getting to meet so many new people and going on retreats. I especially liked going on a retreat called Link, through an organization called College Life. We rode on a banana boat and played out on the lake.

Most surprising thing about freshman year: Everyone was so friendly, and it was incredibly easy to make friends. It was harder at times than I had expected it to be, but more fun than I had expected too.

Hardest thing about living in the residence hall: Sometimes it was just too hard to get any time to spend by myself because there were constantly people calling or knocking on the door, which was mostly good, but once in a while I wanted to be alone.

Best thing about having a roommate: I love the late-night talks that we shared, and just hanging out together. She’s one of my best friends now, and it was nice always having someone to go to the cafeteria with.

Lowest point of freshman year: Second semester was pretty hard, trying to balance grades, friends, ministry and everything else. But, it was also a pretty low point in October when my grandma got sick.

Missed most about home: My parents.

Favorite class: Stress Reduction Through Movement.

Favorite spot on campus: The hill in front of Bruce Hall, where the Music Building is.

Least favorite spot on campus: Being parked under any tree when all the birds are around, or being afraid to sit or walk under any tree.

Favorite thing to do on campus: Hang out with friends or check my mail.

Favorite book: The Bible.

Favorite meal in the cafeteria: Chicken strips.

Favorite way to take a break from studying: Hang out with friends. Go downstairs and see what everyone is up to. Play Mafia.

Best advice about getting through freshman year: My sister told me to introduce myself to all of my professors the first day of class.

Most important lesson learned: Pray!

Look forward to most for sophomore year: Living at Clark, ministry and getting to know more people and my new roommate.

Fall 2001 courses (12 hours):
Art Appreciation
World Literature
U.S. History to 1865
Business Calculus

Spring 2002 courses (13 hours):
Archaeological Science
Principles of Microeconomics
Stress Reduction Through Movement
Gender Across Cultures


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