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The Freshman Experience Extra  - by Nancy Kolsti
Fall 2002      

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photo of Heidi JonesHEIDI JONES

General, choral and instrumental music major/chemistry minor from Jourdanton High School

Chose UNT for: Honors Program and College of Music.

Challenging class: Aural Skills. I’d never done ear training before. I didn’t have music classes in high school — I just played in the band and ensembles.

Discovered about studying: I’m very undisciplined when I study alone, so I studied more with classmates.

Best thing about having a roommate: You have someone to help you adjust who’s going through everything just like you are. Safety in numbers.

Missed most about home: My friends and family, and having my own shower.

Favorite meal in the cafeteria: Ice cream floats — yes, they are a meal.

Favorite spot on campus: Bruce Hall.

Least favorite spot on campus: Parking spaces.

Favorite band: Benny Goodman’s Quartet.

Favorite book: Watchers by Dean Koontz.

Favorite way to take a break from studying: Running amok.

Look forward to most for sophomore year: Having one of my best friends attending UNT.

Fall 2001 courses (15 hours):
Music Theory I
Honors Freshman Seminar
Calculus I
Aural Skills I
Keyboard Skills
Jazz Fundamentals
Concert Band

Spring 2002 courses (17 hours):
Music Theory II
Aural Skills II
Keyboard Skills
Concert Band
Honors U.S. History Since 1865
Principles of Professional Music Study
Percussion Class
Health Psychology

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