Drumming Up Success

2015 Spring

UNT alum's arrangement used in crucial scene in Oscar-winning movie "Whiplash."

Happy Performance

2015 Spring

Bobby McFerrin works with jazz vocalists and the One O'Clock Lab Band.

Smartphone usage

Smartphone users can tell friends and the world about their surrounding space with apps such as Foursquare, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. Jordan Frith, assistant professor of technical communication, explores their impact in <em>Smartphones as Locative Media</em>.

Green pride: Show your Mean Green pride on your ride

UNT license plates are one of the great ways alumni, students, faculty and staff and show their Mean Green pride on the go and help support student scholarships.

Alumni Awards

2015 Spring

UNT Alumni Awards program moves to fall for 50th anniversary.

Cochran tribute

<em>Economics: From the Dismal Science to the Moral Science, The Moral Economics of Kendall P. Cochran</em> compiles the writings of Cochran, who served as professor and chair of the economics department at UNT from 1957 to 1988.

War stories

In his latest book, <em>A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of World War I and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire</em>, history professor Geoffrey Wawro fills in a neglected but crucial aspect of World War I: the disastrous diplomacy, strategy and military performance of Austria-Hungary.

Partnerships with Mexico

2015 Spring

UNT forms two new research partnerships with the Mexican federal government.

Tell us about ... you and UNT

What would you put on a list of "125 Things We Love About UNT"?

Sgt. Jeremy Polk

2015 Spring

How can you protect yourself against identity theft?