Student-developed art app

UNT graduate student Julie Libersat is exploring the idea of public places as art through a phone app she's creating called "ROAM."

Finding lost identities

Tiffany Jiang, a second-year student from UNT's Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, is helping to determine identities that were lost before she was born.

Active artist for public art

The road to the White House for Jo Williams ('69) started with her desire to help young artists.

Cape Horn Field Station

2015 Spring

UNT's site in Chile hosts the International Association of Bryology World Conference.

UNT'S art on campus

More than 80 pieces of art are displayed on UNT's campus, including the works of 13 alumni. These pieces represent media such as sculpture, fiber, painting and drawing, and can be found outdoors and inside buildings on campus.

Grammy Gold

2015 Spring

Lecrae and other UNT alumni take home Grammy Awards.

Video: The Immortalists

Watch the movie trailer for The Immortalists.

Video: Midlake: Live in Denton, TX

Watch the trailer for Midlake: Live in Denton, TX.

Video: David Chicken

The new music single by Emmy-Award Winning kid's entertainer David Chicken! Eat your fruits and vegetables then grab a cookie you'll be full ... It's Cookie Time!

UNT alumnus David Alvarado receives acclaim for documentary "The Immortalists"

Alvarado served as director and cinematographer for the film, which features two eccentric scientists who want to reverse the aging process and potentially never die from old age.