Documentary Receives Top Honors

2009 Fall

"Nowhere But Texas 2" received top honors from the national Gracie Awards this summer.

Film Explores Counterculture Figure

2009 Fall

A 1960s counterculture figure who lived with Andy Warhol is the subject of "Philip's Shadow."

World Saxophone Congress

2009 Fall

The One O'Clock Lab Band performed at the 15th World Saxophone Congress.

Notable alumni featured in books by alumni

UNT alumni who’ve made names for themselves are featured in two recent books by alumni: <strong>Gayla Brooks Kokel’s </strong> (’69)<em>Oak Cliff</em> and <strong>Scott Boyter’s</strong> (’93) <em>The Ticket Full Disclosure: The Completely True Story of the Marconi-winning Little Ticket, a.k.a., The Station That Got Your Mom to Say &ldquo;Stay Hard&rdquo;</em>.