Notable Alumni

Thom Alcoze ('69, '72 M.S.)

Professor Emeritus, Northern Arizona University

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Benjy Brooks
Benjy Brooks ('40 M.S.)

Texas' first pediatric surgeon in 1958

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C. James Carrico
C. James Carrico ('57)
Deceased 1935-2002

The first physician who treated President John F. Kennedy after he was fatally shot; former chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington and UT Southwestern Medical Center

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Hyun-Soon Chong ('99 Ph.D.)

Professor and cancer researcher at the Illinois Institute of Technology; researches developing safe, effective and targeted drugs for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases

Dr. Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer ('44)

Retired chair of surgery at New York University; created techniques that paved the way for modern cardiac surgery. He also is a former president of the American College of Surgeons and a recipient of the Navy's Legion of Merit

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