A tribute to dedication

As a graduate of UNT, I appreciated your article on Condoa Parrent (winter 2008), vice president of student services at North Central Texas College, where I have the good fortune to serve as board of regents chair. My spouse, Pat Ledbetter (’71 M.A., ’75 Ph.D.), who teaches at NCTC, knew her as a student and now works with her.

We both know how efficiently and compassionately she serves our students. As your feature points out, Dr. Parrent, a high school dropout, would never have attempted college without her NCTC experience or achieved her doctorate without UNT graduates and professors who pushed her to achieve her full potential.

Dr. Parrent’s outstanding career stands as a tribute to both institutions and to the fine men and women who are dedicated to helping students build better lives.

Bill Ledbetter (’69 M.S., ’72 Ph.D.)

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