Summer School

After graduating from a Dallas High School in May 1961, I entered UNT in June. I signed up for a beginning swimming class even though I had earned my Water Safety Instructors certification at SMU that spring. After the initial class, Coach Fred Slack came over to me and said, "You can swim, can't you?"

It is hard to pretend that you can't when you can. Of course, I answered yes. Then he said, "If you will help me teach, you've got an A."

I took three swimming classes with that arrangement and even worked part time in 1963 at the pool.

What a clever man! This was my first teaching experience and I was hooked. Over the years, I have taught elementary, special, adult and homebound education and, yes, swimming. Thanks to Coach Slack.

Sue Krider Rauschuber ('64, '68 M.Ed.)


Summer school 1968 had to be the craziest time at UNT. The dress code went away -- no more dresses and heels required for girls. We went to class in cutoffs and T-shirts. The war protests and many other protests blocked the front of the Union daily.

I worked in the housing office with other part-time student employees. A computer program was written to assign students to dorms. We spent our time typing out punch cards. But, when the time came to run the program, it didn't work. So, we sat on the floor in the living room of the dorm where our office was, and tossed punch cards in boxes labeled with the names of the dorms. I was not prepared for the fallout in September and quit this job at the end of the summer.

It was a great summer.

Susan Jordan Ceynowa ('70)

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