Steps UNT is taking to reduce its environmental impact

Written by: 
Michelle Hale
  • Printing student IDs on biodegradable PVC cards
  • Utilizing wind power for 40% of UNT’s power usage through Denton Municipal Electric
  • Retrofitting 38 ellipticals in the student recreation center with the RE-REV device, which converts the movement of the machine into energy to put back into UNT’s energy grid
  • Installing software that will shut down computers at night to save energy
  • Eliminating food trays from some dining facilities to reduce wastewater and initiating a dining hall composting program.
  • Continuing the Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) campaign to promote reusable water bottles -- credited with a 26% reduction in bottled water sales on campus
  • Partnering with Jostens to offer bio-degradable regalia for graduation ceremonies
  • Using local food suppliers for special events

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