Rosalyn Reades Q&A

Rosalyn Reades (’02)

Degree in:
Favorite movie:
Pretty Woman

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What playing sports taught me about medicine:
Discipline and teamwork. In medicine, you’re dependent on many people. You can’t work alone.
My definition of success:
Achieving the goals that you’ve set for yourself and being happy doing what you’re doing.
Favorite UNT memories:
Playing basketball during “midnight madness” (the first day the NCAA permits formal practice) and attending “The Taste of Denton” in the Pit. I like to eat.
Favorite book:
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Fan of:
NASCAR — I’m a huge Kasey Kahne fan.
Key to surviving medical school:
Put in the time to study, with good time management, and stay focused. 

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