Rich Emberlin Q&A

Rich Emberlin (’86) , Dallas

College jobs:
I worked as a lifeguard at Denton State School, worked the evening shift at Dillard’s and waited tables at Chili’s when it first opened.

Favorite part of being an alum:
Watching UNT football games against Army with my military buddies.

Weirdest reunion story:
My Clark Hall roommate was Steven Luke (’85). Years ago, I was hurt at work and taken to Parkland Hospital, and when they brought me into the ER, he was my attending physician. I still have the bottle from the prescription he wrote for me.

Strange fans of Dallas SWAT: 
Even the suspects enjoyed it. In the first season, their faces were blurred, but as the show gained popularity, they signed releases and smiled for the cameras while they were still in handcuffs.

Craziest excuse from a suspect:
A drug suspect I arrested in downtown Dallas said, “You have no jurisdiction here. You’re a Dallas police officer and we’re in London, England!”

Best BB to the eye story:
My brother accidentally shot my right eye with a Red Rider BB gun. It was straight out of A Christmas Story.

Favorite music:
I’m a closet disco fan. I love the Bee Gees.

Favorite memory as a UNT student:
Friendships made and graduating!

Best cop movie:  
Probably Heat,but I don’t watch a lot of them because so many portray cops as crooked or on the take.

Advice for students today: 
Enjoy your time at UNT and realize that you are building friendships and networks that will last a lifetime.

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