One or Two Buzzes

In the fall of 1971, I signed up for a dorm room in Kendall Hall. It was cheaper than other dorms and I liked the way it looked. The components were brick and stone, lovely colors. It had good bones.

What was very interesting was the form of communication once you were inside the building. (This was way before cell phones.)
Each room had a buzzer system. You and your roommate chose who would be one or two buzzes and this was logged in at the RA's desk. After the first set of buzzes sent to your room, you determined which person the RA was trying to contact.

Another set told you if you had a visitor or a phone call downstairs. You buzzed your code back to the RA so she could inform your visitor or the person on the phone if you were there.

And then, there was a "first semester freshman" status with a curfew — ah, but that's another story.

Cynthia Nichols ('75)
Divide, Colo.

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