New Uniforms

How wonderful to see that the Green Brigade was named the country's No. 1 band and to watch that video online (summer 2011)! I love the uniforms, and it brought back memories of the new uniforms we premiered back in 1976, I believe.

I played trumpet, and the year before we'd worn black shoes. So when the new uniforms came to be and we had to wear white shoes, being the creative yet typically broke college sophomore that I was, I decided that simply painting my shoes white would work.

They did indeed look great that morning. But by the time I'd walked from Bruce Hall down to where we were gathering in formation, most of that cheap white paint had cracked off of my shoes.

Solution? I just tossed the shoes and marched the entire parade and game in my white socks. (And yes, the director caught me, but by the time he did, we were taking the field for halftime!)

Julie Nicolay ('80)
Tucson, Ariz.

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