A Joy to Represent

I graduated from the College of Education program at UNT in 2014. It was a transformational experience that led me to seek out a program called MTR in Memphis, Tenn., where I received my master's degree in urban education.

I am a teacher at Hanley Elementary in Memphis serving a low-income neighborhood. I want to inform you that my school promotes college for certain. We all pick a college we want to represent in our class. I chose UNT because I loved my experience there.

My students often don't even dream about going to college, but then I tell them my story about attending UNT. Last year, about 10 of my students told me they want to be a teacher and attend UNT! I gave them a virtual tour on your website and they asked me so many questions. It's a joy to represent UNT in my classroom and tell them about my experience because it gives them hope to go to college!

Virginia "Ginny" Terrell ('14)
Memphis, Tenn.

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