Historic Harps

David Williams ('78) and Jaymee Haefner (Photo by Erin Lancaster)David Williams ('78) studied harp construction for his thesis. Now, after building a career as principal harpist for the Dallas Opera and the Fort Worth Symphony, Williams has donated three 18th- and 19th-century harps to the College of Music, valued at $36,000, that he spent years rebuilding and restoring.

Williams says he enjoyed getting to know UNT harp students and Jaymee Haefner, senior lecturer in harp. He sees in her the same qualities he admired in his harp professor at UNT in the '70s, Charles Kleinsteuber.

"We have a real teacher here who can promote her students and the harp program,"

Williams says. "I've heard them perform, and they were solid as a rock -- very impressive."

Watch video about the harps.

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