Forging a Career

I was a student in alum George Cadell's (summer 2010) Commercial Art class at Denton High from 1982 to 1984. He turned me on to photography, film processing, screen printing and even computer graphics.

Not only did he teach the principles of design and color and how to cut Ruby-Lith and stretch a silk screen, he taught us about integrity, pride and compassion. Not by books. By example.

His love of art runs so deep in his roots. He truly has a special connection with every piece he creates, for he creates from his soul, not for his bank account.

I remember the first piece I ever saw of his. It was a towering tree with wild tree branches, but inside the hollow of the tree was the worn face of an Indian with tribal headdress and out stretched arms. He told me the story of what had inspired him to create this piece and of the old man's journey to find peace from his demons. He told me this with great big tears welling up in the corners of his eyes. He was touched by this man's story and he had relayed that story in gleaming steel and bronze.

I have three of his lesser-known limited edition prints hanging in my home. And I would not trade one of them for any amount of money.

George Cadell trained me as a graphic designer and that is what I am today. I am proud to have had him as a teacher and even more as a friend.

Kevin Beck ('84)

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