A Favorite Place

During the early '50s, Pender's Music Store ("All in the Family," summer 2015) was a favorite place for music majors to meet. On Wednesday morning at 10 (when we were supposed to be at the Student Recital), we congregated and had coffee and sweet rolls warmed in butter. I also remember the pimiento cheese sandwiches served there -- the best ever.

When I came back in the '60s to work on my master's degree, I was delighted to learn that it was still open and fully operational. It was during this period that Harold Gore bought the store. After I finished my master's, I started teaching at Tarleton State University. It was so easy to just pick up the phone and call Pender's and order the music I needed for my students and myself, knowing that it would arrive within a week or so.

I still miss not being able to go in the store and browse and discover new publications while visiting old ones, and of course visiting old friends.

Janette Kavanaugh ('56, '69 M.M., '82 Ph.D.)

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