This remembrance is submitted for encouragement as to the value of patience and determination. While I do not know the present status of my night school classmates of 1965 to 1970, I wanted to extend my encouragement to present students on the value of patience and perseverance in the pursuit of an advanced degree.

Recognizing the value and need for an advanced degree, three of us, all FAA employees, entered the night school program for a goal of an M.B.A. This was 1965, gasoline was around 79 cents per gallon and it was not far from FAA headquarters on Blue Mound Road in Fort Worth to North Texas in Denton. After one night a week for five years, we achieved our goal and celebrated. 

I became a real estate appraiser and am still involved in real estate. Our endurance has paid many dividends since 1970. You young students just hang in there, accomplish your goals and you will be glad you did.

Jim Ragsdale (’70 M.B.A.)


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