Brilliantly Green

Mean Green Racing team (Photo by Michael Clements)Pass it on: Great things are happening at UNT. Learn about them here and share our successes with your family and friends.

  • Time travel. Reliving Texas history 1 million different ways just got easier thanks to UNT's Portal to Texas History. This spring, the UNT libraries celebrated a milestone of 1 million digitized Texas newspaper pages online, covering everything from the battle for independence against Mexico to the 1900 Galveston hurricane and more.
  • Growing future ecologists. UNT will get greener this fall when the university begins offering a new bachelor's degree in ecology for environmental science — the first university in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to do so. Starting with water research in the 1930s, UNT has built a strong legacy in programs and research for students focused on ecology, conservation and environmental science.
  • Road test. Racing and ingenuity are what students in UNT's Society for Automotive Engineers and Mean Green Racing are all about. This spring, members — engineering, business and other majors — with a need for speed and efficiency built a Formula SAE series race car from scratch at UNT's Discovery Park. This summer, the team will put the car to its first test at the Society for Automotive Engineers International Formula SAE race against 80 other university chapters in Lincoln, Neb.

Read more about the team's building process.

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