Alumna's nature-inspired art featured on Neiman Marcus dinnerware

Megan Adams’ (’10 M.F.A.) latest artwork can be seen at a unique showplace — the homewares section of Neiman Marcus stores.
Adams has designed a series of dinnerware that is being distributed by the luxury retailer. The pattern — which she calls “coral floral” — is unusual compared to most traditional dinnerware because Adams draws her inspiration from patterns, textures and light effects from nature.
She earned the spot at Neiman Marcus when a buyer from the store saw her work at a licensing show in New York City.
“I feel honored and am excited they want to use my designs,” she says.
The dinnerware reflects her other designs for fabrics, tech accessories and home decorations that also are inspired by patterns and textures in nature. She draws or paints the patterns and transfers them to fabrics through her computer.
Adams, who studied fibers at UNT, has run her own Dallas-based firm for two years. She eventually wants to license her designs for various products and have her fabrics featured in design showrooms.
She says at UNT she had the time and resources to pursue her passion for art and design. She learned the business end of art through several internships.
“Studying fibers taught me all the different ways to make fabric,” she says. “Then I was able to create work and get feedback, which is really important.”


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