Acting in Europe

Tyler Donahue ('07, '14 M.A.) performs in the musical "Love Never Dies."

Tyler Donahue (’07, ’14 M.A.) saw his first professional play, The Phantom of the Opera, 20 years ago. This year, he got the opportunity to work with that musical’s legendary composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Donahue is performing in the ensemble of Love Never Dies -- a sequel to The Phantom -- in Hamburg, Germany, where Lloyd Webber perfected his piece with the cast. Donahue also appeared in Sing-Along in Madrid. He moved to Spain three years ago to teach English. Donahue studied musical theatre, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German at UNT.

"It was my first big life lesson in perseverance," he says. "This led to my moving to Europe to follow my dreams."


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