Acclaimed artist's work at the Nasher

Erick Swenson’s (’99) representational sculptures of animals — made out of polyurethane plastics — have drawn international acclaim as part of exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City, the Saatchi Collection in London and, most recently, his own show at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas that runs through July 8.
Not bad for someone who was unsure of what he wanted to do when he came to college. Swenson majored in painting and drawing with a minor in philosophy, and was a member of the Good/Bad Art Collective, the 1990s group that created quirky one-day art installations.
His inspirations for his sculptures — which can take years to complete and at the Nasher include a re-created deer carcass and snails climbing a beer stein — are organic as well.
“Sculpting just came naturally,” Swenson says. “I didn’t run out of things to say with it, I suppose. Do what works.”
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