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Nabeela Iqbal
Wayne Beare
Wayne Beare ('97)

As a political science student at UNT, Wayne Beare ('97) immersed himself in various international studies courses and participated in organizations like the Model Arab League and the Organization of Latin American Students.

Today, he serves as director of global logistics for Mobility Worldwide, a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mobility services to people with disabilities in developing countries.

Mobility Worldwide was started in 1994 when Larry Hills, a missionary in the Republic of Congo, told Reverend Mel West about victims of polio and landmines. They were unable to walk and were forced to crawl with their hands, with no access to wheelchairs. West contacted his friend, Earl Miner, a product designer who came up with the design of a mobility cart. Once the carts passed a field test, West began shipping it to countries all over the world.

Mobility's mission aligns with Beare's life mission.

"I've always been interested in helping communities, so when the opportunity at Mobility Worldwide came by, it was a natural fit."

Citizen of the World

Beare, originally from Dallas, mostly grew up in Florida. He decided to come back to Texas and attended Texas A&M Commerce. While there, he traveled to Chile through the Rotary Club. This was one of the many study abroad trips that Beare took during his time in college. There he met a student who, upon learning that Beare was a political science major, strongly suggested that he transfer to UNT.

"He was right," Beare says. "UNT had an excellent poli-sci program with dedicated teachers."

Beare's exposure to diverse cultures during his travels abroad fostered a deep appreciation for the international community. UNT, with its sizable international student body, provided Beare with an ideal environment to further explore and understand this global perspective.

"Being able to engage with students from all over the world was wonderful. I really appreciated them and their countries."

He credits professors Emile Sahliyeh and the late Steven Poe at UNT for helping him in his academic and career pursuits.

"These were professors that went above and beyond the classroom and they set the stage for my early learning experience."

Continuing the Commitment
Aristides Antonio Mejia
Aristides Antonio Mejia tests out his mobility cart with Beare looking on.

Beare's commitment to humanitarian causes is evident in his previous roles with Habitat for Humanity and the AMAR Foundation, a charity organization in the Middle East helping communities faced with conflict rebuild.

Recently, he led the distribution of Mobility Worldwide's 100,000th mobility cart to Aristides Antonio Mejia, a 50-year-old resident of Quezaltepeque, El Salvador. Drafted in the Salvadoran Civil War at age 16, Meija lost his left leg and severely injured his right one when an improvised explosive device exploded near him.

Despite this life-altering injury, Mejia is a hardworking father of two and a grandfather of four. The cart Mejia uses is a self-propelled, three-wheeler that has storage capacity in the back, which will helps him sell items at a marketplace to support his family.

"These carts help individuals become independent and give them a chance at a whole new life. If previously they were unable to go to work or school, now they can."

Worldwide Mobility boasts numerous volunteers, including those in their 90s working in the shop and leadership on committees. It has partnered with over a hundred different non-governmental organizations all over the world to help identify a recipient who is in need of a cart. Once an individual is identified, the cart is shipped directly to them.

"I am always in awe of our volunteers who put in so much work and have love for people they'll probably never meet." Beare says.

Faith plays an integral role in the functioning of Mobility Worldwide, but it is not a requirement for recipients.

"We're a faith-based organization, but our recipients are under no obligation to join a church or donate money. They're given these carts based on their need. We reflect the love of God by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries that have disabilities." he says.

As the director of global logistics, Beare focuses on establishing partnerships with local and international corporations, contributing to the expansion of Mobility Worldwide's outreach. He is excited to continue aiding the organization's growth.

"I recently initiated a strategic partnership with the Lions Club that is sending a container to both India and Nepal. These are the types of partnerships that I really enjoy creating. In the future, I want to continue to find more resources for Mobility Worldwide and increase its impact."

Wayne Beare ('97) (left), director of global logistics for Mobility Worldwide, with his wife Lupita, who works with the recipients and presentation ceremony, and Dr. Mayra Ligia Gallardo, the Director of Instituto Salvadoreño de Rehabilitación Integral in El Salvador.