Triple Commencement

Rachel Hernandez, Judy H. Treviño and Matthew Hernandez
Left to right: Rachel Hernandez ('23), Judy H. Treviño and Matthew Hernandez in their commencement regalia.

As a first-generation student who grew up in an area statistically designated for limited success, my journey reflects the transformative power of education. I was raised by a mother working as a housekeeper with no formal education, and she instilled in me and my siblings the significance of pursuing higher education. My father, with an eighth-grade education, served in the Navy during World War II and, later in life, faced a debilitating stroke, leaving him paralyzed on his left side. Despite these challenges, my mother, a full-time worker, cared for him and six children.

In high school, I made the decision to break the cycle of poverty by pursuing higher education. The journey was not an easy one, requiring me to work three jobs to make ends meet. Tragedy struck in my first year of college when my father passed away, compelling me to assume a caregiving role for my mother. Despite these hardships, I completed my bachelor's degree at St. Mary's University, worked full time to support my family and began my own family.

Having witnessed the impact of a college education, my husband and I established an account to fund our children's educational expenses. Recognizing the value of continuous learning in the workforce, I earned a master of science in management at Our Lady of the Lake University.

Last year, my daughter Rachel Hernandez ('23) graduated with a bachelor's degree in merchandising from UNT, while my son Matthew Hernandez graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas San Antonio. I received my doctorate in business administration from the University of the Incarnate Word. The collective achievement of our educational milestones fills me with immense pride.

Judy H. Treviño
San Antonio