Love on Course

Haymon and Beth Rosson Hankins
Haymon ('55) and Beth Rosson Hankins ('54)

My parents, Haymon ('55) and Beth Rosson Hankins ('54), met at North Texas and celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary this year.

The first day my mother arrived on campus a group of people were going to see the movie The Robe, starring Richard Burton. Someone had arranged a blind date between my mother and another East Texas native, Haymon Hankins. Because my mother had been busy since early morning packing and traveling, she ended up sleeping through the whole movie! In any event, my father was quite smitten with her and began a courtship.

After they got married on June 26, 1954, my dad got a job working in the Pro Shop on campus. He knew nothing about golf but his payment was a free room so it was a good deal for him that he was happy to have. The room was tiny, which wasn't a problem, but upstairs right above the room was a jukebox where people danced almost every night so it wasn't the ideal accommodation. But it worked for them until my father got his bachelor's degree in accounting in 1955.

Turns out, my father has now golfed at more than 75 courses, so that Pro Shop job paid off richly for him!

Rhonda Hankins
Albany, Oregon