Fifty Years Ago

Model UN Club in 1972
The Model UN Club in 1972, with Walter Hinojosa ('72) on bottom row with pipe.

In September of 1968, I enrolled as a political science major at NTSU. I lived in the Fry Street Apartments, which in those days was an overflow "dorm" for freshmen who were required to live on campus but the on-campus dorms were full. My home for the first two years was mostly filled with music majors, the most celebrated department on campus.

It was a good thing that I love music because at any given moment, 24/7, violins and trumpets and other combinations of musical instruments and voices of all sorts could be heard emanating through the walls of our "dorm." The sound was even purer coming through the pipes in the bathroom. It was the best entertainment in Denton. There was a smorgasbord of sound constantly coming through the walls, or while sitting on the "john!"

As a political science major who was involved in extracurricular activities such as the Model UN Club and the Young Democrats, I traveled to other schools and met folks from around the world. In my junior and senior years, I served as attorney general for the student body. For the Liberal Voice, a faculty-written underground newspaper, I served as the head of circulation. At 10 cents a copy, I hawked the monthly editions all over campus and Denton.