Great Teacher

What a joy to read Keith Shelton's story (spring issue)! He took me on at the Denton Record-Chronicle in the late '70s while I was still a journalism student at UNT, nee NTSU. I was hired to work in the back shop and eventually made it to the copy desk and had the time of my life, later going out on writing assignments with one of the many talented photographers on staff.

Today I'm nearing retirement after working for newspapers and then a long career in corporate legal and communications. Thanks, Keith. I'll never forget the great start I got in Denton!

Priscilla Duffy ('83)
Stamford, Connecticut

President Kennedy

I was happy to read about Keith Shelton in the Spring 2023 Perspective. 

On Nov. 22, 2004, Keith gave a presentation at the old Union where he showed 21 photos of President Kennedy (and others) at Love Field that had never been seen before. 

I took one of the posters from a wall in the Union beforehand, and asked Keith afterwards if he could sign it for me, which he did.

Glad to know Keith is doing well and has documented his life in a book.

Jef Sevenker ('05)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa