Help Students Soar as a Mean Green Mentor

Liz Miralrio

"I joined the mentorship program due to my passion for networking with students and sharing my tips to prepare for post-grad life. Being a 2018 graduate, I feel I can provide relatable insight on how I started and found success in my career."

– Liz Miralrio ('18), Mean Green Mentor

Do you have college and career advice to share? Give back as a Mean Green Mentor -- a program from the UNT Alumni Association and the UNT Career Center. Our mentors use their unique skillsets to help students move through college, build professional networks and prepare for successful futures. And don't worry about over-committing -- mentors are able to control the type and frequency of connections. Mentoring can range anywhere from a brief 30-minute conversation to developing a longer three- to six-month mentoring relationship.

And these connections already have positively affected students both in their mindsets and career paths.

"I look at all these really successful people, and as a student, it's really intimidating to just message somebody," says Kory Punch, a senior biology major. "So I would encourage every student who's at UNT to use this goldmine of an application to seek out more experience. You can't go wrong with getting advice from people who've already been where you are."