Here's the skinny: Not only is UNT home to the nation's first vegan dining hall, Mean Greens Café, and one of the few allergen-free dining halls in the country, Kitchen West, but its mouth-watering meals also earned it the No. 2 spot on's list of colleges with the best food. This year, Mean Greens celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the hydroponic garden Mean Green Acres -- which grows fresh vegetables for use in dining halls -- earned funding from the Diamond Eagles to expand its space. That means even more tasty meals like the award-winning Tomato Mushroom Curry, which won Best Vegan Recipe in the National Association of College & University Food Services Nutrition Awards Contest.

Notable Noms
Green ice cream

Ice Cream

Forget the grocery store freezer. Made in-house from all-natural ingredients and preservative free, Scrappy's Ice Cream can be found in the Union and Clark Bakery at Eagle Landing.

Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

This UNT food favorite has quite the history, making its decadent debut on campus in the mid-20th century. You can buy miniature loaves at the Corner Store or order via catering.



Try a Clark Bakery croissant, one of 500 baked goods produced on campus, and an essential part of UNT's many mouth-watering sandwiches.

A Tradition of Tasty: Mean Greens By the Numbers


Number of different recipes served at Mean Greens over a three-week cycle


Heads of lettuce produced weekly in Mean Green Acres to serve at Mean Greens and other UNT dining halls -- all on about one gallon of water per day


Approximate number of guests served at Mean Greens each day