IAA Fellows

Jon Nelson, Katherine Sobering, Liss LaFleur, and Lauren Cross
From left to right, Jon Nelson, Katherine Sobering, Liss LaFleur and Lauren Cross. Photo by Sky Allen.

Four faculty members will receive a semester off from teaching to pursue their creative endeavors as part of the 2022-23 Institute for the Advancement of the Arts Faculty Fellows program:

Jon Nelson, professor of composition, was inspired by the extreme gravitational pull of black holes to create the composition Toward the Event Horizon, which will stretch and granulate sound recordings to echo the notions of time and sounds during black holes.

Lauren Cross, assistant professor of interdisciplinary art and design studies, is curating an exhibition of artists of African descent who work with fiber art traditions. The works will be displayed at CVAD Galleries and her research will be included in the book, African American Women Artists & the Fiber Tradition: History & Impact.

Liss LaFleur, associate professor of new media art, and Katherine Sobering, assistant professor of sociology, are working together on The Queer Birth Project, which includes an exhibition and publication about the childbirth experiences of LGBTQ+ people in America.