Growing Nanodiamonds

Diamond graphic

UNT chemistry researchers have discovered a novel way to grow nanodiamonds. The new growth method researched by Hao Yan, assistant professor of chemistry, and his team yields nanodiamonds that are extremely small and uniformly sized. Previously, they were created using explosives and required further modification for consistent sizes. The novel method to produce these tiny diamonds -- only a few nanometers wide and used in drug delivery, sensors and quantum computer processors -- will allow them to be more easily modified for various uses.

"Many of the applications of nanodiamonds, particularly for drug delivery, depend sensitively on their sizes," Yan says.

"Making them smaller has two benefits. First, a smaller diameter means a larger specific surface area, thus higher capacity as a drug vehicle. Second, the smaller size eases the removal and excretion of these diamond particles and reduces their toxicity."