Extra Special

What a trip down memory lane it was to read that the filming of Necessary Roughness was 30 years ago! I happened to be taking the class "Acting for the Amateur" during the filming on campus, and we got to be extras in some of the smaller university scenes. I remember being in a scene in the Administration Building where Harley Jane Kozak's character is talking to Scott Bakula's character on the stairs. Even though I only ended up being in one small scene, it was really fun, and getting Kathy Ireland's autograph, and seeing Jason Bateman, Sinbad, Scott Bakula and Harley Jane Kozak in person on the UNT campus was so surreal!

I didn't end up becoming an actor, but I did end up going into music. During my music degree, I got my start playing in musical theater orchestras as a woodwind doubler right there at UNT with the theatre department. Over 20 years later, I got hired to play in the pit orchestra for their production of Spamalot. It was a real circle of life moment for me! And last fall, some of my best friends and I played in the Alumni Marching Band at Homecoming. It was fun wearing my "NTSU changes to UNT" sweatshirt at the Green Brigade Alumni breakfast that weekend (the switch happened my freshman year). I have so many fond memories from my time at UNT, so it's great to still visit and be a part of things once in a while! My husband Mike ('91, '94 M.M.) also is a UNT alumnus, and so is my twin sister Karen Noel ('92) and her husband Mark Noel ('20). Thank you for the memories!

Christy Springer ('92, '98, '99 M.M.)

Hello, it was fun reading the Necessary Roughness article in the spring issue! My story with the film is pretty fun! I was on the tennis team at UNT, a member of NT40, and a member and president of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at UNT. I made my debut as the stunt double for Kathy Ireland. My boyfriend at the time, and now husband, Todd Kerr, who owned The State Club, a UNT staple for many students, took me to the Denton High School football field to teach me how to kick since I was a tennis player. I was able to "try out" with a 30-yard field goal, and got the job! Micheline Mundo ('91) sought me out to "play the role."

Holly Ricker-Kerr ('91)