Civil Rights, Political Pundits, Spain

Freedom's Ring: Literatures of Liberation from Civil Rights to the Second Wave
Freedom's Ring

By Jacqueline Foertsch

The English professor explores the role of "freedom" and "equality" in literature of major rights-seeking movements from the 1960s and 1970s.

The American Professor Pundit: Academics in the World of US Political Media
The American Professor Pundit

By Valerie Martinez- Ebers, co-writer

College professors' roles in contributing to political media content is examined by the University Distinguished Research Professor of political science.

Sword of Empire: The Spanish Conquest of the Americas from Columbus to Cortés, 1492-1529
Sword of Empire

By Donald Chipman

The Emeritus professor of history draws on his expertise in colonial New Spain in this volume about the Spanish Empire in North America.