e wish you were here -- after all, we sure do miss having the whole Mean Green family together on campus! However, due to the stay-at-home order from Denton county that’s been extended to April 30, we want to encourage all our students to continue to social distance and stay home.

Melisa Brown in front of the bronze eagle on the UNT campus.
Use a Zoom background to replicate campus life in your grad photos.

We know that's especially hard for our spring 2020 graduates who hoped to take cap-and-gown photos on campus. That's why we're offering you a piece of UNT virtually -- backdrops that you can use via Zoom to show off your Mean Green graduation spirit! See below for directions on how to use the backgrounds in Zoom.

We'd also love to see your submitted graduation photos! To be part of our slideshow, email your photos to northtexan@unt.edu.

How-To: Graduation Photos in Zoom

  1. Download your preferred backdrops using the above link.
  2. Open Zoom on your computer or phone.
  3. From the main Zoom menu, select Preferences > Virtual Background.
  4. Click the + next to Choose Virtual Background, and upload the backdrops you selected.
  5. Find a space in your home where you would like to take your photos. Clean backdrops tend to work best with virtual backgrounds.
  6. In Zoom, select New Meeting.
  7. Click Record. You can choose to record to your computer or the cloud.
  8. Use whatever backdrops and poses you like!
  9. Once you click Stop, the video will be converted. From there, you can capture screenshots from your Zoom video.

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