A Netflix for Africans

Freda Frimpong
Freda Frimpong ('12)

The word kuumba means creativity in Swahili.

For Freda Frimpong ('12), it means the opportunity to bring African film online.

This spring, Frimpong plans to launch KUUMBA Media, a streaming platform for African filmmakers to place their works online while fans pay to watch each film. The idea for KUUMBA began in 2017 when Frimpong was frustrated that she couldn't find Ghanian films online.

She notes that Africa, which boasts the youngest population in the world, is the next promising market for digital media consumption.

"The Africa in me keeps me going and keeps me very positive about the future of my continent and my business," she says.

She's using the skills she learned at UNT, where she served as a senator for the Student Government Association, participated in moot court and co-directed a few student theater productions.

"Everything I know about accountability, leadership, critical thinking and perseverance all came from my time at UNT," says Frimpong, who majored in political science and theatre. "UNT shaped the way I think and how I navigate myself in the world."

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