The Gift of Time

Four professors got a full semester off from teaching this academic year to pursue creative projects as part of the Faculty Fellows program with UNT's Institute for the Advancement of the Arts.

Corey Marks, Distinguished Teaching Professor of English and director of creative writing, is writing a new set of poems focused on the relationships between nature, technology, history and politics.

Another professor's work also links the natural world with modern technology. Art professor Lari Gibbons is combining non-toxic, water-based printmaking methods with computer-numerically-controlled etched plates to make a series of artworks.

"Zoomusicology" is a 45-minute piece that features an omnidirectional sound environment from Panayiotis Kokoras, associate professor of composition and director of UNT's Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia.

Fabiana Claure, assistant professor and director of music business and entrepreneurship, created a multimedia lecture recital exploring the works and careers of three of the most iconic nineteenth century women musician entrepreneurs, who created professional opportunities for themselves while also running households, raising children and facing the gender discrimination of their times.

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