The UNT Diamond Eagles Society -- donors who work together to fund an annual, high-impact project on campus -- voted this year to support Digitizing the Texas Fashion Collection. Thanks to the group's collective investment, 7,500 more of the Texas Fashion Collection's 20,000 historic and designer garments will be archived and shared.

With the Diamond Eagles backing the digitization project, the people behind the Texas Fashion Collection will snap publication-quality images of garments created by internationally known designers. This process will provide extended professional development opportunities to students and facilitate the preservation of artifacts, ensuring the collection's longevity while increasing its accessibility and influence.

"The Diamond Eagles' support of this project is critical," says Annette Becker ('15 M.A.), director of the Texas Fashion Collection. "It not only provides the staffing and professional materials we need, but it also ensures that UNT students gain experience with this process to prepare them for future career opportunities."

Learn more about the Diamond Eagles Society, or to join in time to participate in next year's project selection.

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