Designing Memories

Dora Drimalas and Brian Flynn
Dora Drimalas (’96) and Brian Flynn (’94)

Dora Drimalas ('96) and Brian Flynn ('94) create big ideas. Drimalas is the founder of Hybrid Design, which enabled basketball fans to shop at a pop-up Nike store that looked like a sneakers box in San Francisco in 2016. Flynn is the founder of Super7 Toys, where he imagines toy mash-ups like Jumbo Star Wars Stormtroopers.

Drimalas and Flynn, both communication design alumni, also brought a life-size LEGO Star Wars X-Wing kit to Times Square in New York City, and created a Knit Con event for Pinterest employees.

Drimalas says they want their ideas to resonate with people. "The really difficult part is creating something memorable," she says.

The two met at UNT. Drimalas was a film student but was so taken with Flynn's work as a communication design major that she switched majors. She also found inspiration as a resident assistant at Bruce Hall. "Living in a place with such a wide range of creative expression made me want to create a studio environment that was the same," she says. "Our studio is cleaner than Bruce Hall was, but at Hybrid and Super7, 'weird' is always considered high praise."

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