Modern Billings

Chris Wright Evans
Chris Wright Evans ('20 M.F.A.)

When the pandemic shut down art galleries and venues, Chris Wright Evans ('20 M.F.A.) didn't have a physical graduate thesis exhibition.

But his work still got to be displayed.

His photography appeared on a billboard this spring as part of Modern Billings, an exhibition sponsored by the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art. Evans' depiction of the interstate system was part of his project "Cathedrals of our Time" that showed life on the road, from zoned-out drivers to everyday objects. He drove the full length of I-35, from Laredo to Duluth, Minnesota, to create the work.

"Driving all these miles, I realized that I am a bit of an anxious night driver," he says. "I feel blinded by the glare from oncoming cars and street lights that smear across my windshield. When I made Reflectors, I wanted to emulate the bright glare of a dark stretch of highway."

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