COVID Pastimes

Stained glass clock in shape of bluebonnet
Connie Kilday ('94, M.Ed.) has created stained glass clocks during the pandemic.

With the COVID pandemic keeping people at home, we asked our readers how they were keeping busy.

Each morning at sunrise I take my binoculars and camera (to authenticate rare sightings) for a bird census where the observations are recorded at, a program of Cornell University that collects millions of world sightings that are available in several forms for researchers and the public.

Rod Rylander ('61)

My husband and I volunteered as Air Operations Branch Directors for the Civil Air Patrol's response in Texas for COVID-19 test shipping by air. The Civil Air Patrol is the auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.

Cynthia ('85 M.L.S.) and Dietrich Whisennand

I make stained glass items usually of my own design. I had a thought during the bluebonnet season many of us missed because we were "staying at home." I started making stained glass clocks!

Connie Kilday ('94, M.Ed.)

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