More Than One

Pat Boone
Pat Boone

It is difficult to pick out one favorite memory of my time on campus. Pat Boone (pictured in the 1958 Yucca on a return trip to campus) was a classmate and I enjoyed his friendship. We sat beside one another in a class with Professor Huey, who was later president of TWU. I also preached in youth revivals through the Baptist Student Union, although that seems strange now.

But perhaps the best memory is scheduling classes in our final year with my wife, Nancy ('58), in order that one of us would be in class while the other was caring for two little boys who had been born to us during college.

I fondly recall waiting with my two little sons on Highland Street, in our 1950 Chevrolet, for their mother to emerge from the Education Building. Then she would drive me near the place where I could rush to my next class.

I am now in my 22nd year of retirement, widowed and involved with my family history. I am serving on the executive council of the UNT Military History Center.

We have several generations in the family who have attended and graduated from North Texas. One of Nancy's uncles was Dixie Boyd, who served as business manager, comptroller and treasurer of North Texas State.

Al Murdock ('58)

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