Versatile Artist

Camp Bosworth at an exhibit with a gold RPG and giant gold revolver
Camp Bosworth ('89) (Photo by John Huba)

Camp Bosworth ('89) has created wood sculptures on two disparate subjects -- narcos and Dairy Queen.

His Narco Corridos pieces depict the drug lords along the Texas-Mexico border. And he re-creates the fast food chain's products, from its ketchup packets to its dipped cone sundae. His work has been featured in exhibitions around the state.

Bosworth lives in Marfa, where there are no narcos but plenty of hot fudge sundaes. Regardless of topic, his work carries a thread of humor.

"I enjoy deep diving into a genre and exploring the cultural and socio-political implications of the topic," he says. "Fast food and the narcos both deal with their own kind of drug."

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