Suit Up, Fuel Up, Cap Up

Students browsing clothes
The Career Center's spring 2019 Suit Up in February enabled 990 students to select and keep more than 2,300 professional and business casual clothing items and accessories donated by UNT faculty and staff and employers/businesses. Thanks to funding from the UNT Diamond Eagles Giving Society, Suit Up -- as part of the "Students of Need: Suit Up, Fuel Up, Cap Up" initiative -- will have a permanent location in Crumley Hall, with dedicated fitting rooms and the ability to loan professional clothing year-round. (Photo By Brady Burns)

There's a saying in UNT's Division of Student Affairs: You cannot learn if you are hungry. Guided by that mantra and a mission to create an on-campus food source for students in need, the Dean of Students Office established the UNT Food Pantry in 2015.

Thanks to the Diamond Eagles Society -- a group of nearly 100 donors whose combined gifts allow for a larger impact on campus initiatives -- it's about to get even easier for the division to support hungry students, as well as those who need help obtaining professional clothing and graduation regalia. The giving society has voted to invest $90,000 in a project called "Students of Need: Suit Up, Fuel Up, Cap Up."

The gift will enable the student affairs division to create a centralized location in Crumley Hall for three existing programs: the food pantry, Suit Up and Mean Green Gowns for Grads. Along with modernizing operations, the project will better allow students who face food insecurity or can't afford professional clothing or graduation regalia to have their needs met with discretion.

"We know the number of students impacted by food insecurity, homelessness and other financial obstacles continues to grow," says Maureen McGuinness, dean of students and assistant vice president for student affairs. "This project and its funding show how the UNT community is committed to supporting students and their success."

The Suit Up, Fuel Up, Cap Up project is an investment in UNT students that will bolster their futures and foster excellence.

"We believe that no student should have to go hungry," says Elizabeth With, vice president for student affairs. "And every student deserves the chance to walk across the stage at graduation and land a great job."

Every year, members of the Diamond Eagles Society make individual contributions of $1,000, then pool their gifts to fund a high-impact campus project determined by a member majority vote.

"Now in their second year, the Diamond Eagles continue to effect positive change," says David Wolf, vice president for university advancement. "They're motivated and determined to make a tangible, lasting impact on campus."

Get more information on how you can donate to the food pantry, Suit Up and Mean Green Gowns for Grads.

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