NT's recent reaffirmation as a Tier One research university is a testament to the university's commitment to discovering solutions to the challenges of the 21st century -- and UNT has made significant strides. In just the last year, UNT has acquired six patents, has executed several licenses and is currently negotiating more agreements. UNT faculty continue to cross the bounds of disciplines by utilizing a solutions-focused thought process that involves the in-depth consideration of future problems. Through group activity, they've been able to drive innovation to propel industry and society forward.

"By working together, UNT is challenging what is known -- and what is possible," says Michael Rondelli, UNT's associate vice president for innovation and commercialization. "We are bringing disparate techniques together and looking at things from many angles, both inside and outside the box. This allows for the creation of new ideas, new information and new solutions."

Discovery through Collaboration

In the 2018 edition of UNT Research magazine, learn about how UNT's researchers are working together across disciplines with other universities and partners to make new discoveries. From manufacturing new materials and bio-engineering new plants to exploring the effects of air pollutants on health and finding ways to mitigate human suffering and economic loss from disasters, they're creating solutions that will improve our world and sustain the future.

Manufacturing the future
3D printed metal cubes
3D printed metal parts photographed in the Additive Manufacturing Lab at UNT Discovery Park . (Photo by Ranjani Groth)

UNT researchers are leading the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution -- the fusion of manufacturing design, process and production -- to transform how industries engineer new materials and devices. Learn how researchers are probing the possibilities of additive manufacturing through UNT's highly advanced Additive Manufacturing Laboratory -- located in the new Center for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing -- which is helping to move Texas further along in advancing technologies and meeting the growing demands for additive manufacturing of advanced materials.

Innovative spaces
Rendering of the UNT Biomedical Engineering Building
A rendering of UNT's new Biomedical Engineering Building at Discovery Park.

UNT is committed to continually improving facilities that enable faculty, students and external research partners to conduct high-level, solutions-based research in key areas. Recent building and renovation projects include a new Biomedical Engineering Building at Discovery Park, a new Genomics Center and an addition to the Art Building to reinforce the university's academic and research efforts.

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