Emerging Playwright

Franky D. Gonzalez
Franky D. Gonzalez ('13) (Photo by Alberto Pandya)

Franky D. Gonzalez ('13) has lots of ideas flowing through his head. The theatre major is working on three plays -- one about a family's rise to prominence and downfall, another about boxing, and a children's play about ducks and bears.

His works have been staged by Dallas-Fort Worth theaters and national festivals. Last fall, Gonzalez was one of five playwrights chosen from more than 1,500 applicants to participate in the Annual Playwrights' Week from The Lark, a New York-based international theater laboratory dedicated to helping playwrights.

"Playwriting appeals to me because writing the work is the first step toward completing the play," he says. "You collaborate with others to turn the skeleton of your script into something that lives and breathes for an audience."

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