Wonderful Memories

We continue, due to your talent and dedication, to greatly enjoy the content, graphic design, photography and, therefore, reinforcement of my wonderful memories of the UNT experience of the early 1960s. I received a top-notch education that I later was able to compare very favorably with my military and industry peers who had attended MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech, etc. My only regret is that my wife of 41 years did not get to share the UNT experience with me. I have told her many stories that were corroborated as we visited with my Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers. She would have enjoyed it.

Ken Holloway ('64)
Round Rock


Highest Quality


I graduated in 1966 and at the time was more interested in graduating and not much else. However, I have found the most recent copy of the North Texan to be quite amazing. The substance of the material is quite interesting and the magazine is of the highest quality. Here it is 53 years after I graduated and I am so much prouder of my school.

Jay Crisford ('66)

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