Violin King

Hans Zimmer and Scott Tixier
Hans Zimmer and Scott Tixier

When acclaimed film composer Hans Zimmer was looking for musicians to play on The Lion King, he found one from the College of Music faculty.

Scott Tixier, assistant professor of jazz studies, performed the violin for the soundtrack of the live-action remake. Zimmer chose him after seeing Tixier play on the Re-Collective Orchestra's recording of the Black Panther soundtrack.

Tixier describes the two weeks in the studio as "a transformative experience." Although he has worked with some of the greatest musicians of all time, The Lion King was not just another session.

"Each time it's a mix of excitement, anxiety and the feeling of discovering a new part of myself," Tixier says. "Working on a short film or a big production, but also with artists such as Stevie Wonder or Elton John, is always a huge challenge for me because I care and I want to give my very best."

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